Telemetry & references for your projects

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How to install Telemetry

Clone the project, install composer and run composer install in the project root.

Create database

The project is designed to use PostgreSQL; this is the only database engine supported and tested.

Create an user and a database for telemetry:

# su - postgres
$ createuser -P username
$ createdb -O username databasename


Copy the to and adapt it to fit your installation.

Once done, use phinx to create the database:

$ ./vendor/bin/phinx migrate

This will create tables in the database.

You also can define your own migrations script by adding your path in a phinx_local.php:


$pconfig['paths']['migrations'][] = '%%PHINX_CONFIG_DIR%%/projects/db/my_migrations';

Example dataset

You can also import a default dataset with phinx seeds (this is not mandatory):

$ ./vendor/bin/phinx seed:run

Here again, you can define your own seeds by adding your path in the phinx_local.php:


$pconfig['paths']['seeds'] = '%%PHINX_CONFIG_DIR%%/projects/db/my_seeds';

This permits to use a different seed directory than the default one; it will not be used anymore. Refer to the phinx documentation to know how to create seeds.